Since its establishment in 1957, Hyosung has been running with aspiration and challenge. There was Hyosung in Korea’s economic development. Hyosung’s success legend is based on top quality and technology, will keep going today.

To continue its leading role into the new millenium, Hyosung recently innovated the company structure, centerizing in performance units. Also, in the rapidly changing management environment of the 21st century, Hyosung set its philosophy, “Maximization of the outcome based on PROFESSIONALISM.”

This is due to its recognition that the future of a company depends on how to possess flexible thinking and progressive spirit and react actively and speedy.

All members of Hyosung is making the better tomorrow with professionalism and challenge as the best professionals who have gushing out ideas.

PP/DH performance unit, by using its high technology to produce propylene and polypropylene and profound knowledge on the products and applications accumulated throughout its history, is now creating new values and living cultures to the customers worldwide.

Industrial Machinery Performance Unit plays an important role in key industries around the globe with manufacturing all types of motors, gear units, generators, green energy and industrial machines. The Industrial Machinery Performance Unit has the ability to produce maximum 20MW motors and has an automated production line which is capable of manufacturing more than 40,000 motors in every month. Our accumulated technologies and various experiences have made it possible to develop Turnkey-based engineering projects including ropeway, cogeneration system, test facilities, material handling system, and alternative refueling system. Hyosung confidently performs in developing and manufacturing the most competitive products, and aims at achieving the world’s highest quality and the most advanced technology in 21st century. Efforts in innovating rotary machineries will make significant contributions to create the energy profitability as well as efficiency. Hyosung will serve as a world-leading provider of industrial machinery and plant engineering by focusing on innovative energy conservation, enhanced reliability on new products, and development of new technologies.

Trans W is the exclusive agents for Hyosung Motors in Kuwait.