Special Tools

Boltight has been at the forefront of the bolt tensioning business for many years. Working in partnership with our customers, we have developed new ways to deliver cost effective solutions for numerous industrial bolting applications. Our tools feature advanced technology and are built to the highest standards. The tools are lightweight, compact and easy to use with a focus on safe operation and product quality. We strive to achieve total reliability and professional excellence at all times.

Advanced Technology

Boltight tools will handle the vast majority of bolt tightening work. Benefiting from state of the art design concepts and incorporating the latest technology composite material seals, our tools will operate quickly and safely to achieve high residual bolt stresses. Equipment working at pressures above 1000 bar are CE marked and conform to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Product Development and Testing

We operate a policy of continuous product development and improvement to keep Boltight at the forefront of bolt tensioning technology and ensure our tools always meet our customers’ needs. High pressure cyclical fatigue testing is used during our product development and testing.




Equalizer International is the world’s leading designer and supplier of flange maintenance tools. For almost 20 years, Equalizer’s patented, award winning tools have been addressing the challenges of flange alignment, flange spreading and flange pulling. In addition, we have a range of hydraulic and mechanical pumps and power lifting tools.

The tools bring significant benefits, in terms of safety, efficiency, ease of use and realizable time and therefore cost savings for those undertaking any form of flange maintenance activity.

Over the last 20 years, Equalizer has built an international network of professional Distributors who educate and advise on the most relevant flange tools for each specific customer requirement. We also have developed an online tool selector to assist in the right choice of tool for the job.

The Flange Tool Guru (located at the top right-hand corner of each webpage) will recommend the most appropriate alignment, spreading or pulling tool for the user’s needs.

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